Standard Pocket Spring

Pocket Spring is known as individual spring, the best spring core system for high end mattresses. Springs are encased in each individual pocket and assembled into a unit. Each encased spring absorbs forces individually in order to reduce the motion of a moving object, like your partner turning around during the night.

Multi-Zones Pocket Spring

Multi-Zone Pocket Spring provides a combination of firmness and softness as a pressure relief from shoulders and hips as well as an excellent support for spinal.



Macau TaiWa Machinery can produce the various options of Pocket Spring options below.

Mini Pocket Spring
2 Singles
Sofa Cushion Pocket Spring
1 Zone with Firm Edge
5 Zones Dynamic Pocket Springs
3 Zones Dynamic Pocket Springs
1 Zone Spring Encasement
3 Zones Spring Encasement
5 Zones Spring Encasement
7 Zones Spring Encasement
5 Zones Pocket Spring
3 Zones
3 Zones Nested Pocket Spring

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Sofa Cushion Pocket Spring